CASLA Institute Prague

The CASLA Institute was created to replace the Center for Studies and Analysis for Latin America (CAS LA), attached to the now defunct Respekt Institute. Experts on Latin American issues decided to continue the activities begun in 2007, founding the new CASLA Institute, which quickly became one of the main platforms for the study of Latin America in the Czech Republic. In 2014 it became the NGO.

Its analysts and researchers are from the political, diplomatic, academic, and media fields, as well as active in the promotion of human rights. Some of CASLA’s founding members and research fellows are noted for their long international career in the field of struggle for human rights and democracy.

CASLA’s mission is to share with Latin-American reformers the finest lessons of democratic and economic transformation in post-communist Europe. Our fellows and analysts are on the front-lines of the battle of ideas and the unending defense of human rights. Much of our inspiration is drawn from Václav Havel, the first democratically elected president of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic after 1989.

CASLA’s main goal is to provide analysis of issues related to the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law, policies that promote economic, social and institutional development, and the promotion of human rights in Latin America. To this end, CASLA organizes from its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, outreach activities aimed at the general public but also at institutions, media, diplomats, politicians and students.

Information about the activities, which CASLA Institute either have organized or taken part on, as well as those actual, are seen at social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Youtube channels.

Phone: +420 602 187 459