Analyses and publication

Civil Society and Human Rights

Czech Foreign Policy

  • Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2016 – AMO publishes 10th edition of its annual publication Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy. AMO Research Fellows marks foreign policy of the Czech Republic in 2015 with C+ and give particular policy recommendations for 2016.

Eastern partnership

European Union


  • HRDN “Do’s and Don’ts”for the EP on HRDs – The European Parliament is a great ally of human rights defenders worldwide, with many individual cases mentioned in the monthly urgency resolutions, and declarations by individual MEPs or Chairs. But can the EP do more in its public diplomacy on HRDs? Read more in HRDN’s paper on “Do’s and Don’ts for the EP on HRDs.

Visegrad Cooperation

  • Rethinking V4’s Eurozone Dilemmas after the UK Referendum -What are the current views of the members of the V4 group on the Eurozone-related topics? Where are the problems and how to solve them?  Five authors from the V4 members sum up their countries’ opinions in this policy paper. They explain specifics about their country’s position and suggest future development. (AMO)
  • Will Brexit hurt investments in CEE countries? – What is the so-called Anglophone discourse on the FDIs flow which can be spotted in the debate on the British EU membership? What is the difference between FDIs and trade exchange? And how could British departure from the EU influence the existing structure of the investment chain? The role of British companies in the transfer of FDIs in the CEE region is examined by Kryštof Kruliš (AMO) in his policy paper.
  • Understanding New Polish Intermarium: Trap or Triumph for the Visegrad Group? – Vít Dostál (AMO) in his policy paper studies ideological foundations of the new Polish policy towards Central Europe, and examines the content of concrete sectoral initiatives which will be prioritized. Will PL V4 PRES bring anything revolutionary in its program?
  • Poland and the Czech Republic: Advocates of the EU Enlargement? – A joint publication by EUROPEUM and demosEUROPA in Warsaw, dealing with the perspectives of future EU enlargement and Poland as Czech Republic as possible proponents of continuing expansion of the EU


Understanding New Polish Intermarium: Trap or Triumph for the Visegrad Group?