EUROPEUM Newsletter

NEWSLETTER 3 – 14 October 2016

SURVEY: Outputs and activities of EUROPEUM and its visibility

It has already been over a year since EUROPEUM refreshed its visual presentation. We would like to know your opinion and overall satifaction with the changes. Your feedback is important to us. Thank you for your time!

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PROJECT: Prague European Summit 2016 spot & video

Take a look back at this year’s Prague European Summit, which took place at the beautiful Lobkowicz Palace in Prague on 6th – 8th June.

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INVITATION: Café Evropa: Contest for the White House 

Accept our sincere invitation to the public debate that is part of the series Café Evropa, which will take place on October 26. Our distinguished guests, Daniel Anýž and Petr Kolář will discuss the following topic: “Contest for the White House – what awaits us after the US presidential elections?“

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ON EU AFFAIRS: Mid-term revision of the multi-annual financial framework and application of the EAV

Radomír Špok, Lubor Lacina and Zuzana Kasáková co-authored a policy paper that will serve as background material for the roundtable debate within the National Convention on EU Affairs, which took place on Friday, October 14.

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ECFR: Keeping Europeans Together: Assessing the State of EU Cohesion

Our Director Vladimír Bartovic contributed as a national researcher to the publication ”Keeping Europeans Together: Assessing the State of EU Cohesion” published by ECFR. His chapter focuses on the situation of the Czech Republic within the assessment of the state of EU cohesion.

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CEPA Forum 2016: The View at 25: Visegrád’s silver anniversary

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Visegrád group collaboration, Polish Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) prepared a publication in which four experts elaborate on questions of the V4’s future. The Czech perspective was provided by our Head of Research, Martin Michelot.

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EUROPEUM Brussels Office

Building on a long history of EUROPEUM in Prague we opened our office in Brussels in January 2016. EUROPEUM has been the first think-tank from Central Europe to branch out to the heart of the European Union. Our motivation has been to follow the debates on EU policies and politics from a close perspective and to contribute to them by strengthening the voice of the Czech Republic and other central and east European countries. At the same time, we would like to use our Brussels presence to boost the discussions on the EU back in the region, through introducing research by Brussels-based experts, offering their perspective at local events, cooperation with the media, etc.

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